Foster Heights Addition | Floor Framing Concepts

Observing an older home's framing in preparation for a renovation or expansion always reveals something interesting—especially 80- to 100-year old homes. The builders of yore endowed them with excellent grades of dimensional lumber (Southern Pine or Ponderosa Pine in Texas), 1x6 wall siding and sub-flooring, and clay masonry or timber pile foundations. They often tell a story of distress and repair much like seeing geological history through exposed strata of earth.

I am happy to help Plumb Architecture pen a new chapter to the story of this existing home in Austin's Foster Heights neighborhood. Two new oriels framed into existing walls expand the footprint of the rooms. A new master wing and porch take advantage of the corner lot's depth, giving additional breathing room for the home owner.

Nesting new 2x6 floor joists and beams into the existing framing depths for the new oriels shows some relief from the existing wall plane and does not require new perimeter foundations.

Oriel B2 | Parallel to existing

Oriel B3 | Perpendicular to existing

I represent two foundation concepts for the addition and exterior deck. The first concept shows the porch deck and a portion of the master wing supported by a perimeter grade beam and drilled piers. The second concept (not readily visible) shows a typically pier and beam system with drilled piers and wood posts supporting a perimeter wood beam a wood floor joists.

Master and exterior porch

Brian Johnson